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CaP Applications

Calcium phosphates have been demonstrated to be highly biocompatible and effective as implant materials. CaP Biomaterials produces a variety of calcium phosphate bioceramics for numerous implant applications under the highest standards of quality assurance.

Synthetic Bone Applications

Calcium phosphate bioceramics such as HA or TCP or biphasic HA/TCP are very similar in composition to the main mineral portion of bone. These ceramics have demonstrated excellent biocompatibility. In porous forms, the structure mimics the structure of bone. Interconnected pores of sufficient size have been shown to provide a highly biocompatible matrix for osteoconduction.  The use of these synthetic graft materials avoids some of the concerns with allografts (human bone source) and xenograft’s (animal bone sourced) or the need for a second surgical site to obtain an autograft (patient’s own bone).

Dental Bone Calcium Phosphates

Dental bone calcium phosphates are used  as a bone grafting materials to fill, augment, or reconstruct periodontal or oral/maxillofacial defects.  These defects may be surgically created osseous defects or osseous defects created from traumatic injury to the bone.  Typical applications are periodontal/infrabony defects, ridge augmentation, extraction sites (implant preparation/placement), sinus lifts, and cystic cavities.  As in orthopedic applications, specifically sized porous calcium phosphate granules provide a scaffold for bone incorporation that is critical for support of teeth by the mandible and maxilla (jaw bones).

Soft Tissue Implants

Dense HA has been shown to be affective for soft tissue augmentation applications. The high density and chemical purity minimize the rate of resorption of the augmentation and result in a more durable construct.

Applications include sphincter muscle augmentation for such diverse problems as urinary incontinence and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), vocal fold augmentation to help stroke victims regain speaking ability and for cosmetic corrections.

HA Powder Implant Coating

CaP Biomaterials does not produce coatings, but does provide HA powder used by coating vendors to make coatings. Bone has been shown to bond directly to HA so the HA coating allows boney attachment of the implants without the use of cements.



Calcium phosphates with controlled density and flow characteristics are produced for chromatography applications. HA has been shown to be particularly effective for protein purification.

Custom CaP Applications

We can also provide assistance with your custom applications.

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