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CaP Services

New CaP Product Services

CaP Biomaterials can help you manifest your product needs into requirements for a calcium phosphate material and manufacture said material under ISO standards in a timely and accurate manner.

We can also assist in the innovative process of extending the use of materials beyond well known applications to new and unique product applications.

Services include:

New product development

Product improvements

CaP Testing and Analysis Capabilities


Standard CaP Testing

Many tests and analyses are required to assure you are creating a final product with acceptable calcium phosphates.  Materials produced at CaP Biomaterials go though these studies but CaP products produced elsewhere can also be submitted for testing.  Common calcium phosphate tests and analyses for medical device implants include:

XRD (x-ray diffraction)


Density measurements


Particle size analysis


Specialized CaP Testing

Are you in need of specialized testing on your calcium phosphate materials?  CaP offers specialized testing services that include, but are not limited to:

Controlled Dissolutions

IS0 13779 testing

Timely compliance with regulatory processes


A wide variety of product testing can take place in our well-equipped lab space.  If you are seeking a specific test or are looking for a test to achieve a specific result, please call for more information.

Our experience and capabilities allows us to consistently, quickly and cost effectively deliver precise, custom-fabricated calcium phosphate products to our customers.

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