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Products & Testing

CaP Biomaterials, founded by experts with over 60 years experience in the industry, custom-designs and manufactures calcium phosphates to customers’ specific requirements. These materials have been applied to standard biomedical applications including orthopedic, trauma, spine and dental fields. In addition, CaP Biomaterials innovates new applications for calcium phosphate, which include urinary incontinence, vocal fold augmentation, and cosmetic fillers.

CaP serves as a partner in customer growth by providing state-of-the-art testing capabilities for new and/or improved products and applications.

CaP Biomaterials Services:

CaP Biomaterials can help you define material requirements, and then fabricate them into manufactured material. We can also provide standard and unique testing services for CaP materials.

Our management team has a long history in manufacturing biomaterials to exacting specifications. Our experience and capabilities allows us to consistently, quickly and cost effectively deliver precise, custom-fabricated calcium phosphate products to our customers.

Calcium Phosphate Materials:

A wide variety of calcium phosphate materials are available. CaP can assist in identifying the ideal product for your application.


Biphasic (in specific ratios)


Tricalcium Phosphate


CaP Product Forms available:

Desired forms of CaP vary by application. CaP can supply:

Solid particles

Porous particles

Hydrostatic formed parts

Pressed shapes


Potential Calcium Phosphate Applications:

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Calcium phosphates are extremely versatile in the implantable medical device field. Standard applications include orthopedic, dental and spinal grafting. Other applications abound, including implant coatings and various soft tissue applications such as urinary incontinence, vocal fold augmentation, and facial wrinkle filling. New applications are constantly discovered.